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Title Daesung Group Seeks to Expand New and Renewable Energy Business Beyond Asia 2012.08.24

FROM: Daesung Group

Daesung Group Seeks to Expand New and Renewable 
Energy Business Beyond Asia

- Daesung Group’s new and renewable energy systems to Asia, Latin America and Africa
- Providing total solutions in supplying drinking and agricultural water as well as electricity
- Proven efficiency and durability in extreme environments such as Mongolia and Africa

[August 24, 2012] The new and renewable energy projects of Daesung Group (Younghoon David Kim, Chairman & CEO) is making inroads into overseas markets including Africa and Latin America.

Daesung Energy, one of the core subsidiaries of Daesung Group, has completed its Green Village Development Project targeted to aid the residents of Saribulak, a village located 200 kilometers northeast of Almaty, Kazakhstan. Residents of Saribulak now enjoy access to electricity and drinking water provided by new and renewable energy. 

A remote area in Kazakhstan that had suffered from a shortage of electricity and drinking water, Saribulak, has been transformed into a ‘Green Village’ that produces electricity and water through new and renewable energy. Daesung Energy was selected as the Kazakhstan operator for the Global CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Program initiated by KOICA. It completed the installation of the energy system two years after the project kicked off in June 2010.

This project provides each family in Saribulak with not only with electricity from a photovoltaic generation system and power line track, but also with drinking water through the construction of a tube well 130 meters underground which pumps ground water using solar energy. While a part of the control building, constructed by using energy-saving technology, will be used as an electric room, other facilities will be used as a town hall for the village residents. 

In addition, Daesung Group’s current project in Bangladesh to provide solar-powered water pumping and home systems is also near completion. By constructing a complete solar home system, this project was designed to provide electricity for 1,250 households in seven areas including the village of Comilla, who has had poor access to the electric power plant. This ongoing project also includes providing agricultural water from the ground water drawn by solar energy provided by the installation and operation of over twenty photovoltaic water pumping systems. The village had not been using its ample ground water due to lack of a power source; however, residents can now farm with an abundant water supply with the help of the photovoltaic water pumping system. 

Earlier, in September 2011, Daesung Group completed a solar energy supply project in Ethiopia, which successfully provided over 1,100 households with electricity generated by solar-powered batteries. Drinking water systems were also successfully installed in two villages that had had insufficient water supply. One success stories was the children who had to miss school to draw water in the past; with the completion of the project, children were able to carry water to their homes from the school’s water supply after school.  

Daesung Group’s other completed projects include the Naran Project that provided electricity supported by Solawin, the group’s own photovoltaic and wind power system, to the villages of Mongolia, Daesung’s first overseas market. The Green Eco-Energy Park (GEEP) Project offer solutions to desertification; and the Mandakh Soum Project provided electricity, drinking and agricultural water . There are two additional projects currently underway. 

Daesung’s next goal is to secure larger-scale projects in the new and renewable energy sector in the existing overseas markets, in addition to developing new markets in the Latin American and African regions to export Korea’s technology in new and renewable energy. 

Negotiations for new business orders are well underway in several regions such as Asia, Central Asia and Latin America, with potential projects that are as much as ten times larger in scale compared to the existing projects.  

Moreover, Daesung Group plans to focus on expanding its plant business in overseas markets including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America, based on its successful experiences in the domestic market in the LFG sector and solar heat concentrated solar power system. 

Younghoon David Kim, Chairman of Daesung Group said, “As Daesung Group’s systems have been proven to offer high efficiency and durability even in extreme conditions in Mongolia and Africa, many potential customers from all parts of the world are showing keen interest in our system. We expect to create more opportunities to provide total solutions including electricity, drinking and agricultural water supplies through our technology and experience in new and renewable energy.”


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