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Title Daesung Group Chairman Younghoon David Kim leads a large-scale international event 2017.10.16

FROM: Daesung Group

Daesung Group Chairman Younghoon David Kim leads a large-scale international event attended by 1,000 global energy leaders





- Hosts WEC EA in Portugal on the first anniversary of his inauguration
- Presides over the Executive Assembly and gives opening remarks, welcome speech at World Energy Leaders Summit and Trilemma Conference.



Younghoon David Kim, Chairman and CEO of Daesung Group, will lead the ‘2017 Executive Assembly (EA) of the World Energy Council (WEC)’ from Monday, October 16 to Thursday, October 19 in Lisbon, Portugal. This is the first EA he chairs since his inauguration as WEC Chairman in October of last year.


The EA, which includes an assembly of more than 90 member committee delegations, World Energy Leaders Summit (WELS) and the Trilemma Conference and Portugal Energy Day, will be attended by a large number of global experts from the energy sector including the president and energy minister of Portugal, the host country. Participants will discuss global energy issues such as ▲responding to climate change ▲energy sector block chain ▲energy poverty mitigation ▲prospects of the rapidly changing LNG market and resolve critical issues related to WEC’s operation though meetings attended by members.


Chairman Younghoon David Kim will preside over the EA and give opening remarks and welcome speech on behalf of WEC at other events such as World Energy Leaders Summit, the Trilemma Conference and Portugal Energy Day.


Chairman Kim will emphasize the fact that the fast-paced Global Energy Transition will be an opportunity for new growth and a leap forward in many related fields such as battery storage and will also impact the global economic landscape. In addition, he will stress the necessity of close global cooperation to cope with the actual crises such as cyber threats and extreme weather.


President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa of Portugal, the host country, and energy ministers from Portugal, Lithuania, Algeria, Morocco and Namibia will attend this assembly and other events. Also, from the private sector, about 1,000 people will attend including CEOs of global energy companies such as Hydro-Quebec (Canada), E.ON SE (Germany), Eletrobras (Brazil), PwC (Germany), Tokyo Gas (Japan) and Solar Sister (USA).


Chairman Younghoon David Kim was inaugurated as Chair of the WEC in October last year and will serve a 3-year term.


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