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Title Younghoon David Kim, Chairman of Daesung Group, delivers Keynote Speech at ‘Water and Energy’ Sessio 2015.04.15

FROM: Daesung Group

Younghoon David Kim, Chairman of Daesung Group, delivers

Keynote Speech at ‘Water and Energy’ Session

at the 7th World Water Forum 2015


-To emphasize the importance of the ‘Food-Energy-Water “FEW” nexus

-To urge cooperation between water and energy sectors as the co-chair of World Energy Council



[April 14, 2015] Younghoon David Kim, Chairman of Daesung Group, gives the keynote speech at the ‘Water and Energy’ session on April 15th, the fourth day at the 7th World Water Forum 2015.


Chairman Kim, who serves as co-chair of the organizing committee of this year’s World Water Forum, will call for closer cooperation between the water and energy sectors in order to promote the security of the two most essential resources. Chairman Kim, who was instrumental in bringing the successful 22nd World Energy Congress 2013 to Daegu, and who currently serves as Co-chair of WEC, will also be sharing the benefits of his leadership skills in discussions with other high-level participants.


In his keynote, Chairman Kim will note the achievements of Phase 1 of the “Water for Energy Framework” (W4EF).  These include establishing a framework with common terminology and methodology in determining water usage for energy.  In Phase 2, it is expected that WEC will take over the lead on international level and encourage companies to implement and apply the methodology as well as refine and change it when necessary.



In addition, Chairman Kim will speak on the “FEW” nexus and advocate overcoming “silo mentality.”  Rather, he will point out that “nexus thinking” emphasizes the importance of considering the linkage between food, energy and water when undertaking project planning and policy.


In fact, Chairman Kim has not simply spoken about the “FEW” nexus, but for the past 10 years, he has put into practice a project that offers a solution. Daesung Group’s “SolaWin” is a stand-alone pumping system powered by solar and wind energy, which supplies power and water to off-grid locations in countries such as Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Ecuador.


Prior to the 7th World Water Forum, Chairman Kim spoke at the International Water & Energy Conference hosted by Électricité de France (EDF), held in Lyon, France in 2014 where he updated delegates on the preparations for the 7th World Water Forum and called for participation of global leaders at the Daegu event.




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