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Title Daesung Group Offers Comprehensive Support for the World Energy Congress 2013.09.23

FROM: Daesung Group

Daesung Group Offers Comprehensive Support for the
World Energy Congress

             -Daegu event to mark “Energy Powerhouse Korea, Solar City Daegu”



To ensure the successful hosting of the 2013 World Energy Congress in Daegu, South Korea scheduled for October 13 to 17, 2013, Daesung Group has redoubled its efforts to provide a wide range of support and promotion for this prestigious international energy event. 

Under the leadership of Daesung Chairman Younghoon David Kim, who has spearheaded the hosting and preparations of the event as Co-chair of the Congress Organizing Committee, the Group’s employees and all of its affiliates are hard at work actively supporting this event. 

Over 100 employees of Daesung Energy Co., Ltd., one of Daesung Group’s key subsidiaries, gathered together on September 23, 2013 as a way of showing their support for the success of the Congress and pledged to do their best to promote the event which is less than three weeks away.  

Daesung Energy, which has advertised the event on customer gas bills sent to about 920,000 households every month since last July, hung banners promoting the event at 13 locations including its office building and branch offices, major gas stations and a solar power generating facility. The company has put a QR code linked to the website of the Congress Organizing Committee in order to attract the interest of young people. It has also made its utmost efforts to ensure safety during the Congress by carrying out special safety checks on major facilities supplied with gas such as the Congress venue and the high-end hotels where foreign VIPs will stay. 

During the Congress, Daesung Energy plans to set up an exhibition booth at the Daegu Exhibition & Convention Center (EXCO), the Congress venue, and show its advanced technologies in the local and foreign renewable energy sectors and green energy business. In addition, the company’s 200kW concentrating solar power generating facilities are one of the highlights of the green energy tour program for foreign guests. 

Daesung Eco-Energy Co., Ltd. which leads Daesung Group’s green energy business, will introduce foreign global energy companies to its flagship landfill gas project at Bangcheon-li landfill, which is  internationally recognized as a successful business model for  generating energy from waste. 

Daesung Clean Energy Co., Ltd. which provides gas to the Andong, Yeongju and Yecheon regions and Daesung Global Network Co., Ltd., Daesung’s construction business unit are also promoting the event to the public with banners at branch offices as well as on electronic billboards and via their homepages. 

Daesung Holdings is offering Skype via phone booths in and around EXCO so that Congress participants can make free international calls. In these ways, all of Daesung’s subsidiaries have joined the effort to support the event. 

In addition, Daesung Group is sponsoring the Tomorrow’s Energy Award (worth USD 60,000) for the most outstanding papers on energy-related topics presented to the Congress. 

Chairman Kim in describing Daesung Group’s full-scale support for the Congress said, “The World Energy Congress will serve as an opportunity to upgrade Korea’s national image as key issues in the global energy sector and in the rapidly changing energy market will be discussed.” He added, “Another reason that Daesung Group is actively supporting the Congress is because participants will also be able to experience Daegu as a smart solar and an eco-friendly green city.”

Chairman Kim will take office as the Co-chair of the World Energy Council on October 17, the closing day of the World Energy Congress, and will be sworn in as WEC Chair in 2016 after a three-year term as Co-chair.



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