Daesung Group’s Contributions to Society

Sharing Hope

Daesung Group makes a concerted effort to share
the profits earned through its business activities with society.
We are committed to a better world and a brighter future for all.
Habitat for Humanity
Daesung Group has been a sponsor of Habitat for Humanity Korea since 2002 and our employees have volunteered every year since then to build homes. Younghoon David Kim, Chairman of Daesung Group, served on the board of directors for Habitat for Humanity Korea from 1998 to 2010.

Concert of Love
Since 2003 the Concert of Love has been a major event for Daesung Group bringing together youngsters with disabilities, members of youth-headed households, and the children from multicultural families to enjoy exciting performances and receive gifts.

Volunteer Work
The 90 members of Daesung Group’s independent employee volunteer group, Geuruteogi, visit welfare facilities which are home to mentally challenged children regularly every month and help with cleaning, supervising the children on trips, providing snacks and general care of the children.

“Bread of Love” Making/Free Meal Program
In conjunction with the Korean Red Cross, our volunteers provide bread they have baked themselves and financial aid to one-parent and grandparent households. In addition, our volunteers provide meals to the elderly and handicapped on a regular basis.

Distribution of Charcoal Briquettes
In Korea charcoal briquettes are inexpensive alternatives to other types of heating and our employees volunteer to deliver the briquettes to low-income families so that they do not have to face the prospect of an unheated homes during the winter.

Blood Donation Drive
Since 2004 approximately 100 employees of Daesung Group have participated in blood drives held once or twice yearly. By collecting blood donors’ cards and donating them to welfare facilities and university hospitals our employees demonstrate their concern for the welfare of others.