Daesung Group’s Contributions to Society

Sharing Hope

Daesung Group makes a concerted effort to share
the profits earned through its business activities with society.
We are committed to a better world and a brighter future for all.
World Energy Congress
The World Energy Council (WEC) hosts the World Energy Congress, which is the world’s largest and most influential energy event covering all aspects of the energy agenda. Staged every three years, the Congress provides a platform for energy leaders and experts in all aspects of the sector to address the challenges and opportunities facing suppliers and consumers of energy. Younghoon David Kim, Chairman of Daesung Group, played an influential role in Daegu’s successful bid for the 2013 World Energy Congress, which was held October 13-17, 2013 under the theme of “Securing Tomorrow’s Energy Today.”

Sponsorship of Sporting Events
Daesung Group contributes to Daegu’s local economy and the development of Korean athletics in general by supporting Daegu’s annual marathon, its international athletics competitions as well as serving as a member of the Organizing Committee for the IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011 and the Daegu Association of Athletics Federations. In addition, Daseung Group is currently sponsoring one of the most talented young hopefuls among Korean gymnasts, Seong Ji-hae.