Daesung Group soars toward a 100 year vision
The start of a new epoch founded on energy and cultural contents

"Warming Hearts, Warming Homes" With culture contents and sustainable energy, Daesung Group is committed to a brighter
future for our planet and its inhabitants.

With more than 70 years of technical expertise Daesung Group has matured into a provider of Total Energy Solutions in a wide range of specialties including city gas, renewable energy, (solar, concentrating solar power and wind), community energy system (CES), landfill gas (LFG), refuse derived fuel (RDF), and biogas. The Group is especially proud of being the first developer in Korea of a concentrating solar power system and the successful installation of its hybrid wind and solar SolaWin™ system in countries all over the world including Mongolia, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh and Ecuador.
At Daesung Group we also are focused on the creation of cutting edge culture contents with global appeal. To this end, the Group produces and distributes contents via its Korea.com portal site and offers quality books via its publishing affiliate, Daesung. On the finance side, Daesung Private Equity invests in a wide range of contents including films, games, music and drama and operates two business incubation centers which received the highest ranking for excellence given by the Korean Small and Medium Business Administration.
Korea’s best today, the world’s best tomorrow
Daesung Group is creating a better tomorrow firmly grounded on our founding principles of honesty, service, and enterprise.

Corporate Values

honesty service enterprise

Management Philosophy

“Scientific and technological advancement
complemented by a highly competent workforce
supported by fair and pragmatic management are the foundations
upon which we ensure the welfare of our customers, stakeholders, and employees.
As a leading global conglomerate,
we will use our expertise and commitment to the public
good to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities
while providing a fair return to our investors.”