Major Affiliates
  • Daesung Holdings

    Daesung Holdings
    Management consulting, M&As, audits and inspections - Educational Contents Division On-line continuing education programs for the Korean Federation of Teachers' Association, development of education programs for gifted and talented students, personnel training, on-line intensive learning - IT Division Skype, mobile phone sales, MVNO, system integration, consulting, IT outsourcing, networking
  • Daesung

    Daesung Energy
    - City Gas Division Safe provision of gas, management of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations - Welbay Division Online mall for organic and environmentally friendly products - CES Division Community Energy System (CES) for Jukgok, Daegu
  • Daesung Clean Energy

    Daesung Clean Energy
    LNG & LPG supply
  • Daesung Eco-Energy

    Daesung Eco-Energy
    Landfill gas (LFG) production & supply
  • Daesung Energy Service 1, 2, and 3

    Daesung Energy Service 1, 2, and 3
    City gas customer service
  • Daesung Institute for Clean Energy

    Daesung Institute for Clean Energy
    New and renewable energy R&D, environmental energy
  • Daesung Private Equity

    Daesung Private Equity
    Venture investment, business incubation centers
  • Daesung Capital Management

    Daesung Capital Management
    Customized investment, private equity management
  • Daesung Value Investment

    Daesung Value Investment
    Management consulting
  • Daesung Global

    Daesung Global Network
    - C&C Division Energy plant construction - CRM Division Call center outsourcing & telemarketing, staffing services, training services, ASP
  • Daesung Engineering & Construction

    Daesung Engineering & Construction
    Industry & environment facility construction, general construction
  • Daesung

    Gloria Trading
    Fashion brand “OUR-Q”
  • Neo Farm

    Neo Farm
    Organic fruit cultivation & export (New Zealand)
  • Neo Farm Australia

    Neo Farm Australia
    Macadamia production, language and cross-cultural training programs
  • Daesung America

    Daesung America
    Organic almond production, real estate investments
  • Daesung China

    Daesung China
    Production and sales of children’s clothing under Daesung Group’s “OUR-Q” label
  • Korean Dream

    Korean Dream
    GEEP Project (Renewable energy), development of new business in Mongolia
  • Daesung Haegang Science and Culture Foundation

    Daesung Haegang Science and Culture Foundation
    Supports scientific research
  • Haegang Daesung Scholarship Foundation

    Haegang Daesung Scholarship Foundation
    Awards scholarships to talented young people