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Title Younghoon David Kim, Chairman, Daesung Group Awarded Honorary Doctorate from KAIST 2020.08.28

FROM: Daesung Group

Younghoon David Kim, Chairman, Daesung Group Awarded Honorary Doctorate from KAIST
- Recognized for contribution to elevating Korea’s status in global energy sector as World Energy Council Chair
- Stresses need to “develop cutting-edge tech to lead the energy transition”
[August 28, 2020]  Younghoon David Kim, Chairman of Daesung Group was awarded the Honorary Doctorate of Science and Technology from the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) (Shin Sung-Chul, President) at the 2020 Commencement August 28 at KAIST Auditorium in Daejeon. The August 28 commencement ceremony was streamed on YouTube to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.
This Honorary Doctorate recognizes Chairman Kim’s contribution to elevating the status of Korea’s energy sector through his many years of unstinting international activities including the chairship of the World Energy Council (Formed in 1923, WEC is the UN-accredited global energy body, representing the entire energy spectrum, with more than 3,000 member organizations located in over 90 countries and drawn from governments, private and state corporations, academia, NGOs and energy-related stakeholders.) as well as his contributions as Co-chairman, Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG), APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC). In addition, in his more than two decades of successful leadership of one of Korea’s oldest energy conglomerates, Daesung Group, Chairman Kim is being honored for his overall contributions to national economic development. 
Chairman Kim began his involvement with WEC in 2005 as Regional Vice Chair, Asia-Pacific/South Asia, went on to serve as the organization’s Co-chair and was then elected as the first Korean chair serving from 2016 to 2019. During his terms of office, Chairman Kim played a vital role in Daegu’s successful bid to host WEC’s 2013 World Energy Congress.  As WEC Chair, he led the restructuring of the organization so that it now plays an even more important role in the global energy community while at the same time ensuring that Korea’s representation on the international energy stage would be stronger and more comprehensive.  
Currently Chairman Kim serves as a Member of the National Council on Climate and Air Quality (Ban Ki-moon, Chair).  His previous awards include the Order of Industrial Merit (Bronze Tower) (2005); Order of Sport Merit (Maengho “Tiger” Medal), Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; and the Order of the 8th Seo Sangdon Award. 
In Chairman Kim’s remarks at today’s ceremony he noted, “This Honorary Doctorate from KAIST is truly an immense honor.  The countries that led two Industrial Revolutions and thereby the world economy were able to do so by developing new technologies that utilized the energy from coal and electricity.  At KAIST, Korea’s mecca for innovative technology, I fully expect to see the development of new technologies through the integration of cutting-edge innovations in IT, battery and bio technology, which in turn will maximize energy efficiency.  As a result we will be able to not only play a leadership role in the global energy transition, but also make Korea an economic powerhouse.”   
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