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Title [The Korea Herald] Daesung chief explores new territory for energy transition 2016.12.21

FROM: The Korea Herald

[The Korea Herald- December. 16, 2016]



Daesung chief explores new terriotory


for energy transition




Younghoon David Kim, chairman of Daesung Group, a South Korean conglomerate specializing in the energy business, has a unique and grand mission in mind: finding individuals like Michael Faraday.


Stressing that the world is on the verge of an energy transition, Kim believes the time is ripe for entrepreneurs like him to find the brightest minds to bring about a paradigm shift from a fossil fuel-based economy to one based on new sources of energy. To open a new chapter in human history, the world needs scientists who can unlock the mysteries of nature through passion and creative ideas.


“It always fascinates me,” Kim said as he sat down with The Korea Herald for an interview on Dec. 7.


Kim was talking about the life of Faraday, the 19th century English scientist who discovered electromagnetic induction accidentally when moving a magnet through a loop of wire. The electromagnetic rotation that Faraday discovered eventually developed into an electric motor, sparking the second industrial revolution.


“It was a discovery, not an invention. ... It was how the electricity power business all began and it all started from pure scientists full of passion. We need to find that kind of people now,” he said.



Younghoon David Kim, chairman of Daesung Group (Ahn Hoon/The Korea Herald)






By Cho Chung-un (christory@heraldcorp.com)


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