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Title [Anadolu Agency Energy News Terminal] World Energy Congress in Istanbul ends with ceremony 2016.10.21

FROM: Anadolu Agency Energy News Terminal

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[Anadolu Agency Energy News Terminal - October. 13, 2016]



World Energy Congress in Istanbul ends with ceremony


- World has to look for new technologies to create alternative energies, new WEC chair Younghoon David Kim says in speech




The 23rd World Energy Congress (WEC), held in Istanbul between 9-13 October, of which Anadolu Agency was the global communication partner for 2016, ended with a closing ceremony on Thursday.


Current WEC chair Marie-Jose Nadeau, incoming WEC chair Younghoon David Kim, United Arab Emirates (UAE) Energy Minister Suhail Mohamed Al Mazrouei and Hasan Murat Mercan, Chair of the Organizing Committee gave speeches at the ceremony. It was also announced that the 24th WEC would be held in 2019 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


New WEC chair Younghoon David Kim said the world would have to look for new technologies to create alternative energies in the future and look to balancing energy security, sustainability and affordability at the same time.


Kim said it did not look possible to meet energy demands in the near future without fossil fuels and emphasized about 59 percent of global energy mix by 2050 would still consist of them.


"We have to search for efficient ways of creating and using fossil fuels as they will still continue to play an important role,” Kim said. “We have to keep on searching for the new generation of sustainable technologies and keep on sharing the spirit of COP21." he said.


“Future of energy has to be more innovative”


“Environmental issues will play an increasingly important element of future global energy policy,” current WEC president Nadeau said in her welfare speech. “It is a positive development that major hard carbon producers look committed to decreasing their own carbon emissions.”


Turkey’s Energy Ministry Undersecretary Fatih Donmez said everyone who had participated in the congress should remember to share for peace and inclusive development.


“Please remember Africa, how fragile the planet is, how powerful the forces of technological change are and not to use private jets for grabbing environmental prizes.” he said.


UAE Energy Minister Suhail Mohamed Al Mazrouei said he felt sure in the future the world would be a greener place.


“The future of energy has to be more innovative to make sure the commitments made by all nations in COP21 are met,” Al Mazrouei said. “But they cannot be met only by governments. The collaboration of the private sector and young generations is also needed,” he said.



By Sibel Akbay

Anadolu Agency






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