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Title Daesung Group Announces Partnership with Korean Federation of Teachers Association (KFTA) 2011.07.05

FROM: Daesung Group

Daesung Group Announces Partnership with
Korean Federation of Teachers Association (KFTA) 

- Agreement with KFTA to manage remote learning training center
- Collaboration planned for future cyber college
- Partnership viewed as an opportunity to expand content business 

[July 5, 2011] The Educational Contents Division of Daesung Holdings, the holding company of Daesung Group (Younghoon David Kim, CEO), signed an agreement with the Korean Federation of Teachers Association (KFTA) on 5th to co-manage ‘Sajedonghang,’ a remote learning training center. This agreement includes the expansion of the training division, establishment of a cyber college and a pledge to the increase collaboration with KFTA. Daesung Group’s CEO Younghoon David Kim and President of KFTA Ahn Yang-ok were present during the signing of this agreement.

‘Sajedonghang’ has an online job training course through which all teachers—elementary through high school--are required to complete at least 6 credits (90 hours) in three years. ‘Sajedonghang’ has as members the greatest number of teachers in Korea with over 100,000. Currently, it provides a wide range of contents including teacher training (41programs) and self-training (67 programs), for a total of 108 different types of educational contents. Major educational programs include teacher and school customized training, gifted and talented education and global level professional training, participatory training and curriculum development, and social support network training through the use of social media.

Daesung Holdings is planning to solidify the teaching training program of ‘Sajedonghang’, strengthen and enhance training contents so that they correspond to the demands of education, while upgrading its website so it is more convenient and easily accessible. In addition, Daesung Group and KFTA plan to utilize each of their global networks to export programs to countries such as Mongolia, Indonesia, and Thailand, where remote learning training systems are underdeveloped.

As the 5-day school week system will officially begin next year in Korea, Daesung Holdings and KFTA are making preparations to further vitalize their jointly run gifted and talented education program. Daesung Holdings and KFTA entered a partnership in 2007 to establish an education center for the gifted, and since then, the program has been continuously upgraded and now has over 12,000 teachers registered.

Since 2002 Daesung Group has published books on the humanities, business management, history and for children. It is currently investing in movies, music, games, television dramas and other contents through Daesung Private Equity. In addition, with the acquisition of in 2006, Daesung Group has utilized this portal site as a distribution outlet for the delivery of a variety of contents.

Younghoon David Kim, CEO of Daesung Group, stated "Daesung Group sees the content business sector as a future growth engine because not only do Korea's educational contents have high potential globally but also the educational contents field serves the public interest in which our group places great importance. We expect this partnership with KFTA in developing educational contents to be a wonderful opportunity for us to contribute to the development of public education and we will do our best."

Since the establishment of the Educational Contents Division in 2005, it has developed and provided job training, language training and variety of education programs for gifted and talented, children, office workers, and the general public. Moreover, Daesung Group, in partnership with the KFTA, established an education center for gifted students in 2007 and has continued joint operations of this program.

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