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Title Daesung Group hosts ‘2018 Daesung Haegang Microbes Forum’ 2018.06.14

FROM: Daesung Group

“From Waste to Energy”


Daesung Group hosts

‘2018 Daesung Haegang Microbes Forum’

on Potential of Microbial Energy Solutions



- Event to focus on utilization of microbes as clean energy source in age of 4th Industrial Revolution

- Microbiologists from Korea and abroad to announce and discuss solutions to energy and environmental problems via adoption of new tech in bio-gas and chemical fields





Daesung Group (Chairman Younghoon David Kim) will host the 2018 Daesung Haegang Microbes Forum on June 21, 2018 at The Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry headquarters. The broad theme of the Forum address how we can tackle environment and energy problems through microbial waste management.


The title of this year’s forum is “From Waste to Energy,” a continuation of the theme of last year’s inaugural event on the development of new energy sources through microbes.


The forum will present innovative technology that envisions disruptive methods of transforming noxious waste gases and solid waste into energy to minimize damage to the environment. The main objective is to have participating experts contribute to the joint development of both the environment and energy fields through discussions about the technical challenges and potential commercialization of cutting edge technology.


The featured speakers will include ▲Philippe Soucaille, professor of INSA(Institut National des Sciences Appliquées) of France and a globally renowned scholar in metabolic engineering ▲Michael Koepke, Director of the Synthetic Biology team at LanzaTech of the U.S. ▲Chen Yang, professor at Chinese Academy of Sciences ▲Jung Gyoo-Yeol, professor at Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) and ▲Lee Eun-Yeol, professor at Kyung Hee University and the bio director of the C1 Gas Refinery R&D Center. Cho Byung-Kwan, an authority on bioenergy and synthetic biotechnology, will serve as the moderator of the panel discussion.


The co-organizers of the event are the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST), the Intelligent Synthetic Biology Center led by the government, and the C1 Gas Refinery R&D Center under the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT. In addition, Dr. Michael Koepke of LanzaTech, a globally leading company in the transition of C1 Gas, will carry out in-depth presentation and discussion on biological and chemical conversion technologies that produce high value-added chemical materials from C1 Gas.


Separate sessions will also be held for the up-and-coming scientists in microbial energy: ▲Seo Sang-Woo, professor at Seoul National University ▲Kim Dong-Hyuk, professor at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology(UNIST) and ▲Yoon Suk-Hwan, professor at KAIST. They will announce the results of their research on waste recycling through synthetic microbes, environmental engineering of microbes for reduction of greenhouse gases and more.


Daesung Group Chairman Kim noted, “This year’s forum will focus on how to transform gas and solid waste into energy through innovations in bio-technology; last year’s event dealt with the application of microbes to resolving energy problems from a comprehensive perspective. Through the forum, I sincerely wish to contribute to the development of technological advances that can lead the way toward a sustainable environmental and energy system.”


Founded in 1947 by Kim Soo-Keun, Daesung Group today is an energy conglomerate providing total solutions in the fields of city gas supply, renewable energy, waste-to-energy and other sectors.


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