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Title Daesung Group Holds 16th Concert of Love 2018.12.28

FROM: Daesung Group

Daesung Group Holds 16th Concert of Love



Daesung Group, one of Korea’s oldest energy conglomerates (Younghoon David Kim, Chairman) held its 2018 Concert of Love at Konkuk University’s New Millennium Hall of on Dec 27th, 2018. The Concert of Love is a culture sharing event that the company has held since 2003, and it provides a variety of performances for children who do not get to enjoy the privilege of such concerts or performances in their daily lives. This particular event is one of Daesung Group's year-end charitable activities and serves as an outreach to its neighbors in need. Daesung Group employees are involved in organizing the event, which makes it even more meaningful.


For this year’s event, Daesung Group invited about 700 children and adolescents from Seoul and Daegu for a two-part experience. In Part 1, the performance of the Heart Brass Ensemble composed of brass instrument players from the Heart to Heart Orchestra wove a beautiful harmony. In addition, there was a special talent show in which children from various children's centers showcased their artistic talents by playing the gayageum, a traditional Korean zither-like instrument, singing, dancing, or performing in an orchestra.


In Part 2, the evening’s entertainment was highlighted by Korea’s leading nonverbal performance troupe Fireman, which was awarded the grand prize at the Korean Wave Awards in the musical category in 2016 and selected as new tourism content by the Korea Tourism Organization. Fireman tells the story of firefighters who are considered heroes by many people by showing the intense training process they endure as well as their successes through the dynamic techniques of parkour and acrobatics.


Before the event, fire-fighting equipment was displayed in the lobby a way to encourage children to think about firefighting and safety, and the Fireman photo zone was set up so that the kids could capture their memories of the evening in photographs. In addition, other special activities such as face painting, and balloon art were offered for the children.


Chairman Younghoon David Kim of Daesung Group said, “The Concert of Love is a rare opportunity to provide a variety of cultural experiences such as musicals, plays, and ballets for children at the end of each year, and to convey messages of dreams and hope. I always want to make it an event that can give children the energy they need to grow their dreams just like the motto of Daesung Group, ‘Warming Hearts, Warming Homes.’”



Children show off their talent at the 2018 The Concert of Love held by Daesung Group.



At the 2018 The Concert of Love hosted by Daesung Group, the Heart Brass Ensemble composed of brass instrument players with developmental disabilities performs carol medley.


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