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Title Daesung Group Chairman, Younghoon David Kim Attends Davos Forum 2015.01.14

FROM: Daesung Group

Daesung Group Chairman, Younghoon David Kim

Attends Davos Forum


- 12th Consecutive Year in Attendance

- To Share On-Site Reportage through Personal Blog

- Offer Energy Industry Insights as the Co-Chair of WEC with Global Leaders



[January 14, 2015] Younghoon David Kim, the Chairman of Daesung Group, is heading to Switzerland on January 19, which will mark the twelfth consecutive year he has attended the World Economic Forum which takes place from January 21 to 24.


As the co-chair of World Energy Council (WEC), Chairman Kim will be sharing his opinions about global energy and resource governance, one of major agenda items at Davos this year, with other global leaders and government officials.


“Last year, a topic that dominated the discussions was the feeling that the global recession was finally showing signs of bottoming out. However, that didn’t turn out to be true as the global economy ended up more chaotic despite the fall in oil prices. Given that, I believe that it is important for global leaders to gather at Davos, so that they may share solutions for sustainable progress,” noted Chairman Kim. He added, “The sudden decrease in oil prices in such a short period of time has caused insecurity in the energy market, therefore it is crucial to discuss energy supply and price stabilization. In line with WEC’s philosophy of supporting the well-balanced supply and use of energy, feasible solutions for global energy issues such as an energy paradigm shift and sustainable energy development merit discussion.”


Chairman Kim will be sharing major agenda items and discussions from Davos with Korean netizens through his personal blog:




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