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Title New educational program to teach “vision making skills” 2013.05.06

FROM: Daesung Group

New educational program to teach “vision making skills”

 - Dream Skills Program introduced on May 1 
 - Designed to overcome barriers of exam-focused education

[May 6, 2013] A new on-line training program to help teachers of all grade levels improve their teaching skills and overcome the barriers of the current career guidance education has been developed by Daesung. 

Daesung Group’s Education Contents affiliate announced that the Dream Skills Program was officially launched through the Korean Federation of Teachers’ Associations (KFTA, website on May 1.  Daesung and KFTA, partners since 2005, have designed a course from which teachers will receive credit for 30 hours of training. The lectures of Ik Sun Lee, a professor at the School of Business at Dong-A University and widely known as the preacher of “vision making skills” are one of the highlights of the course. 

Professor Lee has been teaching students the techniques of what he terms “vision making” since 2008. He felt that it was important to focus not simply on building up a good resume but also on cultivating one’s dreams and vision for the future. However, he realized that simply persuading students to “have a dream” was too vague and decided to research the methods of teaching them how to start dreaming. After studying over two hundred books and papers on dreams, Professor Lee created his very own dream-finding program called the Vision Makers. Moreover, he compiled all the examples he encountered while managing his cost-free program over the years and published a book titled Dream Just as You Speak in 2011. Under the title “Vision Making Skills,” the new virtual training program was reorganized into a 30-hour program based on Professor Lee’s lectures and Vision Makers activities.  The greatest part about the program is the systematized course in which teachers can immediately apply the skills they learn from abundant real-life examples and practical exercises. 

According to the plans of the Ministry of Education to vitalize career education, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education is now testing its Career Exploration Focused School program for seventh graders. However, teachers have yet to acquire the necessary teaching methods or skills to start implementing the new system. This training program will greatly help teachers prepare for career education. The program has already been selected by the Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education and the Gyeongsangnamdo Office of Education Career as well as the Busan Education Training Institute. 

Professor Lee has remarked that, “Korea is a republic of lost dreams.” He added, “Going to the top universities and getting nice jobs has become everyone’s dream, without knowing what they really want to study and pursue in life. Through this program, I hope teachers become true mentors who help and guide each and every student to realize his or her own dreams and talents, instead of focusing on entrance exams.”

Planned and designed by Daesung, this program will accept registration for one month through KFTA ( and start the program in June. 


▣ Information about Daesung Holdings Education Contents Business Division
Since its beginning in 2005 with e-learning programs, Daesung’s Education Contents Business division has focus on continuing education programs for teachers.  Currently it operates its virtual training education programs in collaboration with The Korean Federation of Teachers’ Associations (KFTA). Also, through U Learn Net Ubiquitous Learning Network (, Daesung operates cyber training education for financial institutions, companies affiliated with education, private educational institutes, and parents, and smart training for smartphone users.  
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