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Title Daesung Group Chairman Younghoon David Kim Participates in WEC Committee Meeting and ... 2013.07.01

FROM: Daesung Group

Daesung Group Chairman Younghoon David Kim
Participates in WEC Committee Meeting 
and One-on-one Meeting with OPEC Secretary General

  - Program details of the 2013 Daegu World Energy Congress to be finalized
  - Participation in the Congress by OPEC countries and future plans for cooperation
     between WEC and OPEC to be discussed with the OPEC Secretary General in Vienna

[July 1, 2013] Daesung Group chairman Younghoon David Kim (Co-chair for International Relations, WEC Daegu 2013 Organizing Committee) will participate in World Energy Council (WEC) Committee Meeting in Paris from July 1 to 4 and will then attend a one-on-one meeting with the OPEC secretary general in Vienna Austria. 

The upcoming WEC meeting will help to finalize the programs and messages of the 2013 Daegu World Energy Congress scheduled for October 2013. Chairman Kim will add his views on how Korea is responding to the challenges of the Energy Trilemma (energy security, social equity and environmental concerns) during a four hour workshop and on the next day give a speech during the “What keeps [me] awake at night” session. 

After the WEC Committee Meeting on July 8, Chairman Kim, in his role as Co-chair for International Relations, WEC Daegu 2013 Organizing Committee and Co-chair Elect of WEC will participate in an exclusive one-on-one meeting with Abdalla S. El-Badri, OPEC secretary general, in Vienna. At this meeting, Chairman Kim will encourage the active participation of OPEC member countries in the 2013 Daegu World Energy Congress and discuss future cooperation between WEC and OPEC. 

Chairman Kim will also to take in the final evaluation of papers submitted to the Congress’s “Call for Papers.”  346 papers were submitted from all around the world and 155 papers were selected by Korean energy experts during the first round of reviews. Next, WEC experts at its headquarters in London further reduced the number to 32. These papers will go through the final evaluation process at the conference in Paris. Ten energy experts including Chairman Kim will select the top six papers and a USD 10,000 cash prize will be awarded to each selected author.  Daesung Group is sponsoring the full amount of the USD 60,000 prize. 


▣ WEC (World Energy Council) 
The World Energy Council (WEC) is the world’s largest global network of energy leaders.  WEC currently has over 90 member countries. Korea joined in June, 1969. Every three years, World Energy Congress is held for a week and more than 5,000 people from government, industry, academia, and research gather for this event, the world’s premier energy event.  Also known as the “Energy Olympics,” the 2013 Congress will be held in Daegu, Korea, which is the third time in Asia. (The first time was in India in 1983 followed by Japan in 1995.)

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