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Title Daesung Energy Develops Large Capacity Remote AMR System 2013.04.24

FROM: Daesung Group

Daesung Energy Develops Large Capacity Remote AMR System

  - Enables efficient management of major gas consuming businesses in real time

The new AMR system

[April 24, 2013] Daesung Energy (President Seok-gi Kang) has developed a large capacity automatic meter reading (AMR) system and began the device's commercialization in April by initially installing it for 30 customers.  

Daesung Energy jointly developed the new AMR system together with Prime Solution (President Seok-jae Choi) that can remotely read gas meters. Adopting the technology of the multi-functional data logger of the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, the two companies developed a new AMR system that runs on relatively low power levels. The reliability of the new system has been proven through 6 months of field tests.  

As AMR uses existing SCADA systems without installing separate control systems, only simple on-site installation is necessary for immediate use, without additional management manpower or equipment.  

While other telemetering systems are designed to be compatible only with facilities manufactured by the same companies, the new AMR system developed by Daesung Energy is compatible with facilities of other companies, widening its usability. Also, it boasts a high level of economic efficiency based on the dramatically reduced initial installation and maintenance costs compared to other telemetering devices.

Seok-hyeong Lee, Executive Director of the Technology Division at Daesung Energy who played a leading role in developing the new system said, “With the development of the AMR system, we can now manage the gas supply in real time without visiting customers to read the meters in person. The new system helps us to analyze patterns of gas usage and manage potential customers who may switch over to other fuels.” He added, "We are also expecting to see improvement in the efficiency of managing debentures with the new AMR system." 

The company plans to continue to develop new technologies by utilizing information technology to reinforce its competitiveness.

In preparation for a potential blackout, the Technology Division at Daesung Energy developed a device for supplying power to pressure regulation rooms using solar photovoltaic power. It has been installed at real pressure regulation rooms starting this past January. 

Daesung Energy assures stable supply of city gas by developing smart integrated safety systems, including the industry-first smart remote terminal unit (RTU) for monitoring pressure regulators, multi-functional data logger, and pipe cover damage detector, enhancing efficiency in management. 

Solar photovoltaic power supplying equipment to pressure regulation rooms


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